Monday, March 5, 2012

And so, I'm back.

Happy Monday!

Ok, so it's not really that happy. My mini-vaca is over, and I'm back here at work. Time sure does fly when you're having fun, but why doesn't it fly during the workday?!!

Our trip was great. The resort was nice, our villa was cute and very accommodating, and we were only a short drive to most places we wanted to visit. We checked out the Country Kettle, which was this awesome country store, with all kinds of souvenirs and in the back, they had all these barrels of loose candy that you could add and weigh. Heaven! Needless to say, I did not eat as planned this weekend :( I did try and watch what I ate, but as always on vacations, there are too many temptations to avoid. 

We went snow tubing on Friday at Shawnee Mountain, which was exciting. I saw all the people skiing and snowboarding and kind of wished  I was able to do all of that as well. Knowing me, I'd break a leg if I even attempted, so I guess it's best I didn't. We had a nice dinner out Friday night at some restaurant called Big A's, and then went to the local movie theater to see The Lorax! I really liked it, but I don't think Will did so much, haha. It was SO different from Jersey though, because it was opening night for the movie and we were the ONLY two in the whole theater seeing it! haha. In NJ, the theater would have been packed and noisy, etc. So even though the theater was kind of quiet and creepy, it was nice not to have company.

They also had some premium outlets out there, so Will took me to check those out. I cannot resist shopping! Ughhhh, I wanted to buy so much, especially when I saw the Forever 21 outlet! I just love looking in there. In the end, Will got me a shirt and 2 rings (I am obsessed with costume jewelry, especially rings) and I bought myself a shirt, necklace, ring and bracelet (all for $36, mind you). Not too shabby. I also conned him into getting me a cheap pair of Chuck's (converse sneakers). I don't normally wear sneakers unless I'm attempting to be athletic or exercise, but these were super cute and would be nice for casual wear. He's such a good bf :)

We didn't get to check out the indoor pool (mainly because we couldn't find where it was in the resort) and I didn't have time to use the whirlpool tub in our villa, but overall, it was a nice trip. I loooove being away and getting to see new places, so this satisfied my traveling bug for a little while. Next up is another trip to the Poconos in August, but to Lake Harmony with my fam. SUPER excited for that trip!!

It's kind of a chilly Monday here, so Mom and I are going to stay in and attempt the Jillian DVD again tonight. I am going into it with the mindset that it's ok to go at my own pace, and that I dont need to kill myself with the cardio and make myself sick like last week (I also think i need to eat or drink something beforehand to keep my blood sugar in check). I get winded doing 45 secs of cardio and this time, I want to pace myself so that it doesn't happen again and then I hopefully won't be struggling to even complete the whole 3 circuits. Even if I can only do 2, I want to do them completely so that's my goal for tonight. It's a struggle since I'm so out of shape, and I do admit I'm a little scared, but the effort is all I'm asking myself for. I know Audra did it every day last week and lost 4 pounds, but I can't compare myself to her or others because that's not me. I just want to make myself try and keep trying. 

I need to wait until I get paid this week to restock my fridge with healthy foods (I'm all out of salad stuff, etc) but I still have a few things to help keep me healthy until then. I am also really looking at serving sizes and trying to control my portions. AND my Nike+ band arrived, so I need to get my laptop up and running so I can sync that and start wearing it to help me with my mission. I think it counts calories burned and my mileage, so my little walks/jogs can help me build up endurance! I have a wedding at the end of the month that I'd like to feel semi-good for. I just want to feel comfortable in my dress and not feel "fat." I also want to learn how to do some kind of updo so that my hair isn't down and boring for it like always. I feel like I have a list of stuff that I want to do/accomplish/work on. That's a good thing, I guess!

Ta-ta for now. Guess I should so some work :-/


  1. You saw the Lorax!? I am so jealous! I want to go see that SO bad! I am going to go this week even if it is alone! :) I don't mind the alone time personally! How was it?

    It sounds like you did have fun on your trip! I can't wait for our minivacation at the end of this month! I can't remember if I have wrote about it or not! I think I have ;)

    I like converse shoes but sometimes they hurt my fat feet. lol My feet are SOO wide! And sounds like your shopping trip was fun!

    Yay for doing your DVD tonight! You are exactly right about not comparing yourself to others. I compare myself to people all the time and my mom has to remind me to quit. My dad lost like 7.8lbs last week and I was so MAD! Men lose weight quicker than women and he is a little bigger than me. It just makes me SO MAD! Tomorrow is weigh in day for me! I am excited- I am feeling good!

    Once we get down to our goals we will have to plan a girls outting and get together and go on a little mini vacay!

  2. I have never gone to a movie alone, but I'm not opposed to it! If i lived closer, I would go and see it with you again! I thought it was cute :)

    I am excited for your mini-vaca and I'm not even going on it! haha. But I hope you have gorgeous weather and an awesome time.

    My feet are narrow and flat footed, I am starting to believe. I have never had a pair of converse sneaks, so this is new for me!

    Men do lose weight so easily, it's not fair. why is that?! I am confident your weigh-in will go awesome tomorrow! I am hoping my workout tonight goes smoothly, I am really nervous I will suck at it again.

    YES! we need to plan a little getaway together. How awesome would that be to look forward to that?!

    1. I have been looking forward to seeing THe Lorax ever since I saw the first preview!!

      Well thank you, why are you nervous? You will be fine! You didn't go crazy while you were gone- you just enjoyed yourself!

      I know!! It would be awesome!

  3. I think you should reward yourself one night and go and see it! It's a good pick-me-up kinda movie.

    I'm just nervous cuz i SUCK at cardio. I feel fine doing the strength training, but then it goes into cardio and i feel like i'm going to die! not to mention, it hurts and I get all out of breath and then i can't focus properly on the next circuit because I'm focusing on the pain. I know it's mental and I know it will get better but i just get apprehensive about it until I'm actually doing it. I know it will be ok, and it's only a half hour of my life...

    It would be. I think we need to make it happen. We need to think of someplace we both havent been that we'd like to go to...doesnt have to be anywhere crazy (i know we're both broke lol) but somewhere achievable when we reach our goals. Then we can celebrate with bread and shopping!

    1. I am going to! :) I LOVE animated movies! Well just do what you feel comfortable with and work a little more into it everyday! You can do it!!! :) That is a good way to look at it- only 30 minutes. If you can't do 30 minutes then just do what you can!

      I think this somewhere should involve a beach!

  4. i agree--I did what i could, ramped it up as best I could when I had the energy and completed the 30 mins. Tonight after work I'm walking with Mom at the park and then i think I wanna come home and do some strength training exercises from the DVD..just a few reps to get into it and build up my stamina. So, thats my plan!

    and yes, a beach! Ahhh, I'd love to go to California. I've never been there and have always wanted to..thats prob a long shot, but we can throw a few places out there and see what we can afford when the time comes. Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, we have options! :)

    1. Yay, that is awesome! :) You should do some walking and then do strength training! :) Good plan!

      I would LOVE to go to California but gosh there is no telling how much it cost! :) Virginia Beach is so nice! I have been there before but it is so beautiful!

  5. I'll report back tomorrow about how my plan goes. I feel like all my energy goes out the window as soon as I get home and am faced with making dinner, cleaning etc. I need to work on that! But I'm excited for the park, even if its only in the 40s here today.

    I think I have been to Virginia Beach but I can't remember. Have you been to the Carolinas? they are beautiful, we could always go there!