Monday, March 26, 2012


I really fail at drinking my daily quota of water. I always start off strong, and then somewhere in the haze of the day, I stop drinking. I think I maybe get 6 cups a day? which is kind of pathetic. So, I plan to drink at least double that, no matter how tough it is (and really, how tough is it to drink water?! I just hate having to pee every 10 minutes!)

How was your weekend? Mine was good, if busy. Will took me to Stewarts drive-in Friday night, which for those of you who don't live in the area, it's a little drive-in where you eat in your car and cute boys come to take your order and bring you your tray, lol. They make Stewart's root beer and other varieties of soda, if you've ever seen the bottles. So that was delicious, and then we went to the mall and did some birthday shopping for his niece and sister. Saturday, we cleaned out all the window tracks so that I can open the windows and have fresh air come in, WITHOUT dirt and bugs being in the windowsill---so that was a relief. I also dusted my bedroom, ran the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen I felt progress was made. All my spring decor is out, so I feel ready for spring finally :)

We had a family dinner at his sister's Saturday afternoon, which was nice. I enjoy the fact that I get along so well with his family, which is a first for me in a relationship. His parents are still married (ALL of my exes came from broken homes, many of which had estranged family members) and that makes a HUGE world of difference. I am glad we both come from loving families with happily married parents. He has 3 older sisters, all of which I adore, and a twin brother (fraternal, not identical) and it's just a nice, big family that I hope one day to be a part of.

That night, we had a surprise party for my cousin, who turned 30 this past week. It was fun to see her and other family members and friends from high school. She and I are close, and we share a lot of the same friends, which is cool. I overindulged on food/drinks/cake that night (including a late night stop at Wawa for a hoagie and Doritos...yikes) but plan to get back on track this week. 

We went bowling with my parents yesterday afternoon, which was awesome. Turns out I'm kind of a natural at bowling! It was amazing. I am SO not athletic and it was fun to actually be good at something without having to try! (And I beat Will 2 out of 3 games, hehe). 

So yeah, that was my wonderful weekend. I have a short week this week, because we have a wedding friday evening, so I took the day off from work to be able to get a mani/pedi done AND my mom is treating me to an updo (since I royally suck at doing anything remotely more challenging than straightening my hair..haha). So, I'm excited for that and I'm just hoping I don't feel extra chubby in my dress...I know I haven't been super diligent about working out, so I have no one to blame but myself. I AM going to do the Jillian Michaels DVD again tonight (dreeeeeading it) and start walking in preparation for the month of April! Going to do my twin's challenge of walking 3o mins a day for the whole month! I must admit, I'm kind of excited to accomplish something and know that I will make it a priority since I committed myself. 

Here's to a healthy start to spring!!
Now, if I can only force down this water.....  ;)

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  1. HOLY MACARONI!!! WE have the same goal this week! :) I am so excited for the April Challenge too!! YAYY! :) I am currently drinking 44 ounces on water. SOunds like you had a fun weekend girl! I love spring! I AM so excited to be off the next week with lots of outdoor acitivies! I LOVE spring! I am so super excited to not be cooped up in this office or in my bed like last week!