Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ahh yes, co-pays. It seems that is what this week revolves around. I am finally taking action and making those dreaded doctor's appointments! 
I'm just kidding. They really aren't dreaded, I just hate handing over $20 at each of them. Buuuuuut, it's hopefully for a good reason.

My appointment with the vein specialist did not go so well last night. I waited forever, only to be rushed through my appointment. While the doctor was highly esteemed and recommended, I quickly learned this place was not the "vein and vascular institute" for me. Not only did they brush off my mentions of aches and pains associated with the vein on my leg, but they kept pushing this procedure on me that would make it "look better." While I know I can be superficial at times (who can't?!), that is NOT the reason I was there. It hurts. I have restless legs at night. 

Alas, it seemed to be the place old hags and superficial men go to have their veins injected so they'll go away for 6 months, all the while shelling out $350+ to have it done ONCE. Um, no thank you.

I am due to go back in July for an ultrasound to see if there are any "deeper" issues in my leg but I am starting to think I should find a different, less "cosmetic" doctor and get a second opinion. He did tell me it is NOT vericose, which I guess should make me happy??

I am leaving today to head to the trusty old dermatologist (and no, I am not being snide. He's apparently old). I used to go there when I was younger, or so my mom says, and she thinks he is better than the place I've been going to (you know, the one who told me I had shingles when I really had a rash from perfume...that place). Anyone who knows me or has seen me up close knows I have these tiny bumps all over my face and it's time to get the skinny on them and figure out how to get them to go away! Yes, I am putting my issues out there and no, I don't care :-D If I can't be honest here, where can I?

So that's my week in a nutshell. I have been working some OT too, which helps to pay for those co-pays of mine ;)

What's new in your world?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I. Need. To. Do. This.

I need to. I have no other choice.

I HAVE to work out. I have to get some kind of motivation going. I cannot stay where I am, making a half-assed attempt to eat "right" and then not work out. I should be ashamed to show my legs and arms this summer--THAT is my punishment for not making my body right sooner!

Summer is pretty much upon us (hello, heat wave) and I've done nothing.
It's time to remedy that. It's going to be a weekend full of pools and bathing suits and sunshine and here I am, chunky and pale and wanting to hide in my jeans and 3/4 sleeve tops. This weekend will strip that away from me and I have no one to blame but myself.

Is the solution to get up early and walk/jog before the heat hits? To sacrifice sleep if need be? or is it to stay inside and do workout videos on the TV? Will I push myself to the limit that way?
I don't know. But something needs to change, even if my hair will poof and my time straightening it will go to waste.

It's time to embrace my curly "summer hair" and get my sweat on.
And I hate sweating.'s...time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Oh, hello. It's just me, forgetful as always. Ok, so I haven't really 'forgotten' to blog, I just haven't had time. Or maybe that's just an excuse and I didn't really have anything to write. Could be either of the two ;)

Not much to really report on. It seems that spring has been busy thus far--and we're about to head into summer! 

I have a love and hate relationship with summer. I love sunshine and vacations, but hate humidity, sweating and hair poofing (my curly haired girls know what I am talking about! A hair straightener is the devil come summertime!). I also hate revealing my legs but know that it's inevitable come this time of year. I really wish I had worked on them more so that I wouldn't once again be in this position, is what it is at this point. I am trying my best to count calories AND points (is such a thing possible or is that overkill?) but it's not always my friend. I either don't know the calories for something, or the database doesn't have it, and then I just get frustrated and stop logging. I'm a winner like that.

I've preemptively bought a lot of clothes that I *need* to lose a few pounds to fit into, which I am not regretting. You would think it would motivate me to work harder so that my money doesn't go to waste, but clearly you don't know me ;) haha. I promise that I will make a valiant effort to do so, if only because the colored skinnies and tops would be that much cuter if  I wasn't chubby in them. 

Guess I should put this plate of ham down. I love hate when co-workers give me free food.

Hope you're all well and happy out there. Miss you twin! <3

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Red Onions & The Cafeteria files

For those who don't know, I despise onions. Red, sweet, Vidalia--I don't care! Get them away from me, don't present them to me, etc. Why am I mentioning this, you ask? Because I smell them. I am at my desk and I smell them SO strongly that I felt the need to vent (sorry!).

We have a cafeteria for a reason. I understand it's not the best, and in fact, it's often messy and cluttered and let's face it--not as clean as it could and should be. But it's there to be used. They have several tables waiting for you to eat your meal. So why do you insist on eating at your desk, mere feet from me, smelling up the room with your salad that everyday without fail, includes a PILE of red onions on top?

I can't say that I have never eaten at my desk. Back when I worked under 'BP' (that's another blog entry), I would only get a half hour and had to be back promptly or else I'd get a nasty email. So on the days that I didn't have a packed lunch, I'd have to run out. By the time I'd run out and pick up food, I'd have limited time left to actually eat it upstairs in the cafeteria. What do you do then? Eat at your desk. Now I know we're all entitled to eat whatever we'd like (and I myself don't eat a lot of 'out of the norm', smelly foods) but if you know that your co-workers are super close and can smell (and therefore become nauseated by your smelly food choices) why not NOT eat them at work? 

And I'm not just talking onions. People will make fish (yes, all kinds of smelly fish) in the microwaves down in the main room, stinking it up like a seafood joint and then proceed to eat it at their desk. They have since limited that down here and encourage those who wish to eat sea creatures to heat and eat upstairs, but anything else goes down here apparently. And while onions might not be the most noxious item, they still smell. Especially when drenched in vinegar or balsamic or whatever you're putting on them to make your salad how you like it. 

I just ask for some common courtesy, especially when we all don't have the same culinary tastes. I don't want to smell onions, I don't want to watch you eat them at your desk...especially when we have a cafeteria where you can do as you please. People are notorious for eating at their desks here (and I'm not just talking about those with a time crunch!)

It's just rude. I now take an hour and enjoy my break upstairs, eating and reading AWAY from my desk that I am chained to for the rest of the workday. 

Where has common courtesy gone?!