Friday, March 9, 2012

Off the rails...

I'm miserable today. I'm going to state that right off the bat. I have cramps, I hate my job, I feel gross and down about myself...the list goes on and on. I haven't exercised like I should have this week, so my weight isn't any better....I just got paid and yet most of my money goes towards bills and I'm once again wondering how I will survive for the next 2 weeks...ugh. I'm sorry for being a downer. I know this mood will pass but right now it just feels like a black cloud is hanging over me. Not to mention I have something in my eye that I just can't get out! I have eye make-up on and it's the worst when you're trying to not mess that up but trying to get something out of your eye. Booooo. 
Anyway, maybe I will write more if I'm in a better mood later. I'm hanging with the friend I mentioned in a previous post tonight and I feel the need to brace myself and mentally prepare for that. She isn't the type that will make me feel better when I'm feeling bad about myself looks-wise, I'll just put it that way. And tomorrow I have that dreaded shower. Sigh.

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  1. :( BOOOOOO! Feel better!!!! YOu are beautiful and loved!! <3 and guess what catching fire is getting so good! I meant to text you that earlier but was so caught up in reading I didn't want to stop. I am just blogging a bit while I eat lunch at work. yuck. Anyways------ dont be sad twin!! :(

    Don't worry about your weight, you are making changes towards that. Look at the positives you have been eating better AND logging calories. THose are BIG steps, small steps at a time!!!