Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So, I'm going to start off by saying today will probably be a weak day for me. And by that I mean I'm going to be weak. I'm starting my day off with a Dunkin Donut for crying out loud, but when my boss buys them and plops them down next to me, I can't resist. WEAK! I looked it up and entered it into MFP, but I never know if it's actually legit and telling me the right amount of calories? I'm hoping it is, and because I'm eating this, I won't be having my toast or anything on top of it like I normally would have. I know we all deserve a treat once in awhile,  but Will and I were also talking about going to the Olive Garden tonight and using the gift certificate we have...which means pasta, which = more weakness. Sigh. BUT, it is supposed to be amazing and warm later so I told him if we do that, I want to come home after dinner, change into comfy clothes and head to a park near us for a GOOD walk. So I hope we make that happen!

Nothing else is really new or exciting to report. I sat around last night and watched a bunch of my TV shows (I am addicted to many of them) and I have more of them to catch up on at some point tonight as well. Jaim, if you haven't watched Being Human, you might wanna check it out. It's more adult than Vamp Diaries, but it's really good and another of my fave shows. It comes on Mondays on the Syfy network :) And I think VD is back tomorrow night?!! *fingers crossed* Can't wait to discuss that with you!

At least today means the work week is halfway over. I would like to say I'm looking forward to the weekend, but unfortunately, I have to CLEAN majorly AND I have a baby shower to go to that I'm not too excited about. I'm not close with the girl who is pregnant, but we grew up together. I think they invited my mom and I out of respect for that ( we lived across the street from each other and were neighbors for almost 20 years). i dont know, I just feel kind of awkward. At least I have my mom going with me! 
Any fun weekend plans for anyone else?

Well, I'm going to finish my coffee and donut and get some work done. We are "testing" our new system again since it's Wednesday and since I hate that, I'll be on here reading blogs for that hour! lol.



  1. Does VD come on tomorrow?!! I thought it was next week! I have no idea! I will have to check that out! I have so many shows to get caught up on but right now they are on hold because of The Hunger Games! :)) and like I already said- don't beat yourself up over that donut! It was very hard for me to resist the other day when they had them in the office!

    ewww I hate those awkward baby showers/weddings/etc that you really arent close with the person! I don't like going unless we are really close! my weekend plans consist of working. blehhhhhhh!

  2. I was wrong, it's next week, BOOOOO. I wanted it back on this week so I guess I told myself it was true! hahaha. Do you watch Secret Circle afterwards too? i do, i got sucked in. But it's good for you if you have lots of reading to do!! I like the 2nd book a lot so i'm anxious to be able to hear your thoughts on it...

    I just hate them unless I'm super close to the person. Otherwise, I always feel like I'm, being invited just to supply a gift, ya know? Oh well. It's only that and then dinner with some friends Saturday night, I can handle it!