Friday, March 16, 2012

Chapped Lips & March Madness

Yep, my lips are chapped. I put chapstick on, I lather them up before bed, and still...they become dry and chapped. Thanks a lot, lips! You are my pride and joy and yet you rebel against me....sigh.

I'm having a craptastic Friday so far. That sounded snarky, I apologize. But when your day starts off with you forgetting your breakfast and dropping your sweater in a puddle, it's bound to happen! is what it is. I am feeling slightly more chipper as the day goes on, but 1) I'm still at work for another 4 hours and 2) I'm hungry. I ate a pop-tart for breakfast, which I looooove but I limit myself to 1, since 2 of those suckers has a whopping 400 calories! (See, I am learning to control myself). Will offered me a heavenly red velvet cake muffin from Wawa this morning but ever since I discovered they have a horrific 700 calories to them, I try and steer clear (Key word is TRY). I might let myself indulge on a weekend, but not today. Especially since I am going to have a major calorie fest at my friend's tomorrow for St. Patty's, it's best I limit myself today. Baby steps, Jaim. Baby steps.

Every guy is going nuts over March Madness. Will even took off today to go out and watch the games! Must be nice. But, I get that it's a guy thing and they enjoy their games. I plan to enjoy mine come next weekend when I *hopefully* go and see the Hunger Games!! I hope it lives up to the books. Movies rarely do, but I still hold out hope.

I am feeling sassy today. I usually have some type of sass going on on a daily basis, but today I feel a smidgen extra. I also feel a bit down in the dumps, which is a weird combo. Not sure what I have to be down about, but nonetheless, the feeling is there. I think I am realizing I am a bit too sensitive sometimes, and I can completely take something to heart when it's nothing and I shouldn't. I feel let down by people a lot, and I hate that. I do my best not to let others down, but I'm realistic--I know it happens from time to time. I just hate when people do it to me. I canceled on a friend tonight because I'd rather have a pity party night in to myself (the plans were loosely made, but I still feel bad) and she probably feels let down by me but I justify it. Clearly I have issues. haha. I don't know what's going on with me. It's a friday, it's the beginning of a relaxing weekend, and yet I can't get rid of this nagging downer. 

It probably relates to my total lack of exercise this week. I walked with Mom last night but that was it ALL week. Pathetic. I want to look awesome come summertime and yet I make no effort. Only person I can blame is the one I see in the mirror!
But...I am logging my calories and trying my darndest to stay within range. I am also taking care of appointments that needed to be made, and having a list of things to accomplish helps. 

Anyway, I should go before this blog ends up even more depressing than it already sounds (to me). Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday (without chapped lips!!)

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  1. Twin, I HATE chapped lips. I think I have already told you this before but I am a chapstick addict, no joke! I am sorry your day hasn't been going too hot! :(

    I totally understand the sassy but down mood. I feel that quite often! :) I love how open and honest you are being though. You don't have issues- I do the same thing. Sometimes I just want my own time and don't want to go out!

    Dont be so hard on yourself jaim! Have fun tomorrow night, JUst remember what you want and if that is to look good in the summer than don't lose sight of that goal!