Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feelin' this Thursday!

Hello lovelies! What an amazing Thursday it has been so far. I might be at work, but I'm feeling good and that's what counts :)

I generally love Thursdays anyway. Will and I go to my parents house every week for dinner and then Mom and I watch Vampire Diaries. I was wrong in thinking it came back on tonight, but we're still going to go and hang out and relax with them, and that always makes me happy.

Speaking of my parents, my WONDERFUL and amazing father just rode his motorcycle here on his day off (yes, my parents BOTH ride motorcycles in warm weather and I am uber proud of that fact) and brought me my FAVORITE pizza in the whole world. It's like tomato pie, and for those who know me, I don't really like tomato sauce (don't like tomatoes actually) but I LOVE me some of this pie. YUM. I am super excited to have it and read my book on my lunch break. He also brought me cookies to share, which are peanut butter (one of my faves) and oatmeal raisin. I know what you're thinking because I'm thinking it, too--this doesn't exactly help with my diet. Sorry, lifestyle change because it is NOT just a temporary diet (wow, I am using a lot of words in caps--sorry!)'s a treat and he was nice enough to bring it to me, and even though I went out to the Olive Garden last night too (whoops), I am indulging. But, I am still logging into MFP and tryin to keep my calories in check for the rest of the day/night. I'll have cereal tonight if I have to to counter-balance the pizza!

I am just feeling happy overall. Which is awesome, considering work made me SO mad yesterday afternoon (I stayed late and came in early today for some OT) but even that isn't bringing me down. It's a gorgeous (but windy) day outside, the nicest of the week at almost 70 degrees! That's like spring here in NJ. I plan to walk tonight with Mom OR start the couch to 5k treadmill edition on their treadmill. It's something I've been wanting to do, and if I'm already there 2-3 times a week, why not take advantage of it and use their treadmill? This way, I don't have to rely on Mom to walk with me if she doesn't want to, I can put music on and make myself do the work. So, if we walk outside tonight because it's too nice to pass up, I will start this plan on Sunday at their house. Then I can do Sun, Tues, Thurs which works out perfectly since I am there Thursday nights anyway!

In other news, I sucked it up and scheduled a hair appointment. For those that know me, this is a big deal for me. I am not one of those people who lets her hair grow and grow and never cuts it--no way! It's not down to the floor or anything...but I am also not one of those people who follows the rules and gets it cut every 4-6 weeks either. I dont have the money for that AND i'm too lazy. Plus, around 6 weeks, I like how my hair looks. So, it's been several months. Since (gasp!) November I think? So it's overdue. I love the length of my hair/layers, but I am not loving how dry it feels or my split ends. And I have been on the hunt for a good salon to try out. My old one I wasn't feeling anymore (Mom had a coloring issue there and won't go back and i tended to make my appointments around when she'd go for hers). The stylist there was sweet, but sort of ditzy and never remembers what I liked done. Mom went to a BestCuts cuz she has short hair and didn't care to stop in there, but since I have longer hair (and layers) I wanted to place my trust in a salon that came recommended. I asked my cousin Shaina (who was longer hair like mine that's always cut nicely) where she goes, and lo and behold, she goes to a salon really close to my work. I figured, if I like her hair and she's been going to this woman for awhile, why not give it a shot? Plus, I can make the appt for 5 p.m. and go right from work, get it cut, and call it a night! So, I did it. Next Wednesday at 5. I'm nervous but extra anxious to have a nice, good cut done. AND the receptionist was super friendly, so that made me happy with my choice. I don't think it's super expensive either, which is good considering another friend recommended me to Ulta and I know they are pricey.

Wow, I really just went off about my hair appointment like it's hot news. Sorry, I get kind of neurotic about my hair apparently. I always worry I'll get some hack job done and hate it and cry...but I know if that happened it's just hair and it will grow back. And if I give clear instructions (it's really just a trim and reshaping), then how can she go wrong??

Next Wednesday is also the day I get my free health screening here at work. Another item on my list of positive health changes!! They will test my cholesterol, blood sugar for diabetes, blood pressure and BMI. I am nervous to have my finger pricked for it, but it's painless right? (you're talking to a girl who has never given blood because she's scared of needles). I'm just really anxious to get the results and know if I'm possibly in danger of having high blood sugar or cholesterol, and finding out what my BMI is (which is prob BAD). So it looks like Wednesday will be a day of new experiences for me!

Other than that, nothing else going on. I'm eager to eat my pizza and escape the reality of work for a little bit with my book (still on Beautiful Creatures, book 1).  I have another silly survey I am going to post, but probably a little bit later though. Gonna sign off for now and check up on some blogs and I'll be back in a little bit.

Hope everyone is having a nice Thursday :)


  1. Aw I am excited to see a picture of your hair cut!

    That was so sweet of your dad, the weather is just as I was telling you cloudy and bleh. The temp is nice but its about to start raining!!

    You sound just like my sister- she HATES needles. They don't bother me. I am giving blood monday if I can remember to go by!

    That is great that your parents have a treadmill! Perfect for yoU! I tried couch25k and hated it. I just couldn't keep up or I wanted to do more than it told me. Maybe we can help each other and do it together! LIke a little group challenge! I've got that 5k at the end of the month and haven't been doing a lot of running. Last night I ran that mile in about 12 minutes but still not as fast as I would like. I did a run for 3 minutes, walk for 2 minutes combination until I finished the mile.

    I am glad you are feeling great today! I LOVE those days when you are just in a great mood! :) Yay for good a day!

  2. LOL I will prob not look any different so don't get too excited..i just need a good cut. I always feel better when that happens!

    and it looks a little cloudy here now. I know rain is coming tonight, so maybe I wont get to enjoy the weather this evening :-/

    I'm just afraid of how it will feel. I know that's bad and I should give, but i'm scared. I'm a big 28-year old baby!

    That would be awesome! See, it doesn't sound too much for me, cuz I can't run I think it will help me pace myself. And it really is awesome that they have a treadmill I can use, cuz my place is too tiny for one really. What speed should I walk at/set the incline on?

    I love these days, too :) little things are trying to get me down but I'm going to do my best to remain positive!