Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is it me?

...or am I the only one who feels like the blogs I read are written by my friends? haha, that probably made no sense but what I'm trying to say is...that if I read your blog (especially if I've gone back in your wonderful archives and read it from the beginning) on a consistent (ok, everyday!) basis, then I feel like we're friends. You don't know me, nor will you ever (probably), but I feel like if I'm investing my time in your words, then somehow, sort of, we're..friends. Is that so unrealistic?! hahaha. I sound like a nut job but it's true. Granted, I gravitate towards blogs whose 'voices' sound like me and my friends, and that's only natural since I want to be friends with cool people but it's probably really ridiculous that I feel connected to these people when they don't even know me.

Either way, it's a true statement on my part. Let the record show that I care about these bloggers, and when they stop writing for long periods of time, or they appear to be going through some tough issues, I care. I sympathize. I miss them during their absences, even if they will never know it. I have a routine list of blogs I check each day or week, depending how how busy I am at work, and I truly enjoy getting to experience their lives through their eyes. I feel like there are so many cool people out there in this world, and this is just my small way of getting to "know" a few of them.

I wonder if Sheryl is ok (since she doesn't know if she will post ever again and her recent blog posts have all been deleted as far back as 2007 :-/ ) and I want Lauren to know that I've been in her position, and I admire her guts for moving across the country for a fresh start. So many of these women have qualities that I admire, and I guess this is my way of letting them know, even if they won't see this.

This post is pretty much pointless, except to emphasize the fact that I love my blogs and bloggers, and even if we're not "real" friends (or even acquaintances), I still care and look forward to your posts.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And so 2013 has arrived.

Happy New Year to my few followers and blog readers! Haha, I find it funny that I complained in my last post about bloggers falling off the face of the earth and then I go and do the same thing!
But, my motivation and desire to write had been waning...and let's face it, no one is reading this anyway :)

So yeah. 2013 and all that crap. It's here. This year, I didn't make any special resolutions, because clearly I suffer from ADD and don't ever follow through on any of them. Let's just say that I want to lose some weight (as always), become smarter (as if I can read any more books! I just keep buying and buying and reading and it), experience new things, whether it's a new job, new travels, or just new food (because we all know eating is my #1 past time--refer to pseudo-resolution #1 about losing weight!), and just be happy. I'd like to say that I will get engaged this year (since that seems to be the topic of discussion for EVERYONE in my friends and family) and plan a wedding, but we all know that women don't hold that power in the universe and will forever be waiting on a man for that special moment ;) But, I have faith in Will. He knows what's good for him...LOL.

I actually took off this year for the holidays and had 11 straight days off. It was HEAVEN! Did I clean out my closets like I planned, you ask?
No. *Ashamed face*
Did I instead catch up on Dexter with April like I had planned?
No. *Double ashamed face*

So what DID I do with all this time off? Well, clearly shopping was a given (Will even participated this time, encouraging my habit since he was SO grateful I used my Christmas bonus to buy him an iPad mini...lolz). I also saw the Hobbit (loved!), ate at various restaurants to satisfy my hunger habit, and spent time with my family. It was really nice.

Was I depressed to wake up for work this morning? You betcha. I'm still in denial that I am actually at this desk, typing with these fingers, when they should be wrapped around a pint of ice cream and a glass of wine. But, what will be, will be I suppose :-/

New developments on the job front though. Nothing I want to talk about just yet (and it's not even anything crazy exciting that makes me want to pee myself so don't pee yourself over there either!) but it's news. And any news is good news...right? RIGHT! (says the super positive Jaime of 2013...I kid, I kid. Sarcasm is still full force, don't worry guys).

Anyway, that's about all I have to say at the moment. I hope 2013 is all we hope for, and more!