Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello, bloggers! I'm Jaime...

Before I head to lunch, just wanted to post this quick little survey about me that I saw on another blog. Thought it was cute and would give you guys (if there is more than 1 person who reads this) insight about me :) Enjoy!

Age: 28
Shoe size: 9...ugh
Chore You Hate: cleaning the bathroom!!!
Pets: even though when I moved out, he didn't move with me, he's still MINE lol--one dachshund, Sammy! :)
Essential Start of Your Day: to wake up feeling motivated
Favorite Color: red
Gold or Silver: hmm..used to be a silver girl, but I am loving gold lately! BUT i do want my engagement ring to be white gold/platinum :p
Height: 5'8"
Instruments I Play: played flute in high school, can sort of play keyboard? haha
Job Title: work flow coordinator. Lame.
Kids: none yet
Live: New Jersey!!
Mom's Name: Teana (pronounced like Tina)
Nicknames: Jaim, Jaimers
Overnight Hospital Stays: none
Pet Peeve: being late, waiting on people who are late
Right or Left Handed: right
Siblings: one brother, Ryan, who is 2 years younger than I am
Time You Wake Up: around 7/7:30
Veggie You Dislike: onions and mushrooms top the list.
What Makes You Run Late: wanting to sleep longer than I should.
X-Rays You Have Had: on my knee and teeth x-rays at the dentist!
Yummy Food You Make: macaroni and cheese, chicken fried chicken, beef tortellini soup
Zoo Animal You Like Best: love animals, but especially love seeing the tigers at the zoo!!

And that's it :) Cutesy, I know.

Oh, and since I forgot to post it when I got back this weekend, here is a pic of Will and I before we went snow tubing!


  1. aww how fun! Love this post! I might have to copy it and do it on a day I really don't have anything to write about!! Cute picture too! I swear you have the most beautiful smile,ever!

    ahhh jaimers is a nickname I have too! along with jaimbo and jaymoo! I guess I could have saved that for when I do the survey :) but I don't have the gift of patience!

  2. Cute, right? I figured if you didn't know certain things about me, at least it gives you a little insight! And thanks!! That's nice of you to say, considering I think YOU have an awesome smile!!! :)

    LOL I love one has ever called me Jaimbo but i think that's cute too haha. SO funny we have the same nicknames as well...this is amazing stuff!

    1. It is cute! Aww you are welcome! It is beautiful! my teeth are crooked. yuck.

      Jaim is also one of them! I know I think it is so funny too! My dad is the only one that has called me Jaimbo lol he is goofy!