Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FOCUS, Jaime.

Where has the day gone? It totally got away from me; I meant to write a lot sooner. Not that I have anything pressing to share or anything exciting to report on, but I just like starting my day off with my thoughts. And here it is, 1:30 (Eastern time) and not one word!

I must admit, I got caught up reading Diaries of a Fat Girl. I discovered all kinds of new blogs today, thanks to those that I read on a daily basis. I added a bunch and intend to read their whole blog, no matter how long it takes me! I feel inspired by many of these women, and it's always uplifting to know you aren't alone in your struggles, big or small.

I'm in a bit of a funk today. I feel like so much of my energy is spent focusing on little things that are WRONG with me instead of appreciating what is RIGHT. I'm always worried about my eyebrows needing to be plucked, or my teeth needing to be whiter, those pounds I need to shed. It's a never-ending battle and it's draining to constantly have an issue with yourself. I know it might be trivial things and I'm not obsessing and making myself sick over them, but thinking about them takes energy and I DON'T WANT NEGATIVE ENERGY ANYMORE!!! lol. 

I need to look myself in the mirror and see that I have a pretty smile..that my hair might have split ends but it's layered nicely and it's long and shiny...that I don't have bad acne and my skin is relatively clear (except for those darn bumps the derm still hasn't figured out). I need to focus and be positive and infuse myself with good thoughts! I might be at a job I hate and too scared to approach the idea of going back to school (namely because I have NO idea what I want to invest time and money in that will make me happy on a daily basis) BUT I graduated college. I've been at a steady job going on 6 years. Those are both good, positive things. I'm a hard worker, even if the pay is crappy. There is a lot that I value about myself that just falls by the wayside when I get in one of my "poor me" moods. I have a little list of self-improvements, but for now, I need to focus on what doesn't need improving.

So, enough of that. I'm going to put a smile on my face and love myself! Small steps will help me achieve my goals, big and small, and all things take time. Gotta remember that.

Before I run to lunch, just wanted to ask--can anyone recommend the BEST peanut butter for you? i was contemplating buying a whipped version, but I have no idea what is the healthiest. I know it contains a lot of calories for only a little serving, but I'd like to enjoy it on my toast every now and then but knowing that I'm using a healthier option. I also wanted bread advice, but I am going to go out in search of Ezekiel bread soon. Also, is whipped butter the healthiest option? My fam has always used margarine or "I Can't Believe it's not Butter" and I have NO idea if those are good or bad or if real butter is actually the healthiest. I need help!

Ok, off to have some tuna and triscuits. Trying to switch up my lunches here and there while still staying low in calories ;)



  1. Jaaaaimmmmeeee! YOu are beautiful!!!!!! You do have a beautiful smile and beautiful hair! I have those days too when I feel down! :) But remember that people care about you! I am so excited you have found some new blogs to read! You better not leave me though!!! ;) You are my favorite person to read comments from! :) Anyways!! I don't really know about penaut butter, I have heard a lot of different things about it. For us, we just use regular ole' peanut butter. Not low fat or anything because the fat in peanut butter is good for you. I also think that writing a blog will help you realize how wonderful you really are. I realized how far I have come since I started blogging and it amazes me! :)

  2. Aww, you're the sweetest. I love you!!! One day we're going to exchange numbers and then I will start bugging you via texts! haha. You are beautiful too :) And NO!! You will ALWAYS be my most favorite blog ever! I read yours first and foremost. And if you have nothing new, then I browse others. Honestly, yours is the only one I've read every single entry..I dont have time to do that with anyone elses! haha. And you're the one i look forward to hearing from :)

    1. Awww you are too sweet too! :) <3 Is there a way to send like private messages through here? I have no idea! If I can figure out a way I will send you my number, if you can find wherever it gets sent to! lol! I have a really good blog already typed up for tomororow :) Just have to add a little more to it!

  3. i replied back on MFP. wasn't sure if you left out a number or not! In any case, you have mine now and we can text (if you like texting? some people don't and if you don't/can't let me know, lol).