Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shadow Days are over...

So, my title is from the new John Mayer song (which I LOVE!) and it felt appropriate today. I love JM, and was devastated to find out he had to cancel his upcoming tour due to his throat condition worsening. I sincerely hope that he tours again one day and that I get to see him. I see him every time he comes to town and he is by far my favorite artist. His music brings me back to a different place and time, mainly college. It's almost like the soundtrack to that time in my life...I can hear a certain song and instantly be transported back to a certain feeling, a certain place, a certain mindset. It's amazing. I look forward to hearing his new music, and I suppose for now, I'll rejoice in the fact that his new CD will still be released in May. 

I know not everyone likes him but just wanted to share that since it was a downer in my day. If you look at the lyrics to the song, they're good :)

In other news, after I sent the Etsy woman ANOTHER message, I received an email that my necklace was shipped. FINALLY!

I was ravenous last night and ate more than I should have..and as a result, gained back the pound I lost since Sunday. I know I told myself I would only weigh every Monday but I couldn't help myself. I knew I overate (after the dentist no less!) and wanted proof of my stupidity. Not that I'm stupid, I know I'm not...but...I did what I did and I wanted to force myself to see the results. I didn't work out last night (no Jillian....) and today is all rainy so I don't know if I'll get to walk with Mom but I know I need to stay on the healthy path and just keep doing whatever I can do. I'm making smarter food choices, but I know I need to boost my exercise levels. I have that wedding at the end of the month, and I want to feel comfortable in my dress!

I have my health screening tomorrow. Kind of nervous to see the results and get my BMI but at least it's not going to be thrown in my face. I do the tests, get the results and leave. I hope it's quick and painless.

and yes, Twin, I get my hair cut tomorrow night! Here's hoping I like Mandy and the new salon!


  1. yay I am excited for your hair cut!! :)

    OMG! ! I LOVE JOHN MAYER! LOVEEEEEEEE his music, he isnt bad looking either ;)

    what does the necklace look like? I am sure it is cute! I do love etsy but haven't purchased anything as I wrote earlier...lol

    I doubt your BMI is that bad, honestly!

    You will look gorgeous in your dress for that wedding! Don't be nervous! :)

  2. WHAT?!!!!! You love him, too? WOW. A lot of people dont like him that I know, which is crazy to me because he is SUCH a good singer/musician. We ARE twins :) Did you listen to his new song? I'm still really bummed. he puts on such a good show.

    1. YES! LOVEEE JOHN MAYER!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! HE is amazing, I haven't really heard any of his new stuff but I will check it out and let you know! I know it is sad poor guy!