Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's here.

30 has grabbed me. Not much I can really say about it, since I don't technically FEEL any different but...there's something lurking in my mind that I can't quite grasp hold of long enough to figure out what it is. Whatever it is, it's sort of making me feel down?? But I'm not quite sure why.

It's been different at work this year, working on my birthday. Now that I'm in my new department, I don't feel as "close" to people, or like anyone really knows me for that matter. Not one person has outright said "Happy birthday!" to me back here, and it's sort of depressing. Yes, people have messaged me on Facebook, or sent me a text and whatnot, but there's something about "extras" on your birthday--while you work--that make it more enjoyable. I used to come in to a decorated desk and a birthday breakfast "treat" and so far, there's been none. Nothing. Zilch. And this is a milestone birthday to boot! I shouldn't act like a drama queen, because one friend did get me lunch a cake yesterday (she's out today) but I guess I thought someone would step up today...kind of depressing when you realize no one has.

I guess this is 30. I'm grateful that Will is taking me out tonight for dinner so that I have at least one highlight tonight!

I have high hopes this decade will top my last. Here's to 30?? haha....