Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little things.

Not much to report on today. We had our pizza lunch here at work and I limited myself to 2 slices. Doesn't sound much like a limitation really since 2 is still a good amount of pizza, BUT I probably could have eaten a 3rd...or maybe even a 4th, haha. I work with all guys and watching them chow down and remembering I'm a lady helped to keep me line (hey, we care about what we look like eating, don't we?! I tried to be dainty and not smear grease all over my face). I think what they say about eating slower does help, though. I took small bites simply to avoid getting anything on me and it really helped me slow down how quickly I ate the slices..which in turn led me to eating less and realizing I was "full." And my little choice that makes a difference was bring my bottle of water into the room and NOT having Coke or Sprite like the others had. I reaalllly wanted some soda, but I thought of MFP and having to log the calories (even for a teensy, tiny glass) and it just wasn't worth it to me. I could have 2 cookies for those calories and I'd rather enjoy those later! So, like I said, it's the little things.

Haircut went well last night, for anyone wondering. Mandy did an awesome job, and I really liked the salon. It was small and cute and the people all were nice. Mandy was a little rough around the edges but she knew what she was doing and did as I asked, which I appreciate. Here's a pic. I like lots of layers in my hair, if you couldn't tell. 

Off to Mom's to cook dinner (chicken sausage!) and watch VAMPIRE DIARIES!! Woooooooo!


  1. Beautiful! LOve your hair!!!!! :) It is so cute and I am so glad it went well! :)

    Twin, that is great on the pizza and you are being realistic! You can't say I will never eat pizza again in your whole life, it is about moderation! :) YOu are doing awesome!!

    How was VD ? :((

  2. VD was ok. I think next week is going to be better!! i can't wait until you watch it so we can discuss :) haha. How was your drive? not sure how far of a drive it was for you, but I hope you made it there safely and that you and your friend are having fun!

    You like the hair? told you I look the same, just my layers look better, haha.

    1. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! It is so cute!! I am so jealous!!

      Ahh it was an awful drive, it stormed the whole way here and I could barely see the roads! Its 5 hours from where I live.

      I wrote my comments about VD on my page on accident I couldn't remember where you wrote about it! The end was the best! I love alaric though :(

      What did the sausage taste like?

  3. p.s. I liked the chicken sausage!