Friday, March 23, 2012

Slack Much?!

Yes, I'm a slacker.
Yes, I didn't feel like writing.
Yes, I'm in a mood.

I don't know what is up with me lately. I've been feeling high and low, happy and sad. I feel like I'm floating along, carefree and fun-loving and then WHACK! Reality brings me back to focus.

I don't really have anything 'wrong' per se....unless you count catching a reflection of your thunder thighs in the mirror and realizing they're worse than you thought they were...much, much worse. Or that there seems to be a stye forming on my left eyelid (or at the very least, a painful, sore pimple). My forehead is still dry and flakey, no matter how much moisturizer I put on and I can't get rid of the scars from my perfume incident (for those who don't know, back at Christmastime, I used a cheap, dollar store type perfume--in my defense, I was out of my Juicy perfume and needed to wait until I got some as a Christmas present, so poor Will thought he was helping and got me a knock-off of a Britney Spears perfume..hey, it smelled good!--but when I sprayed it on, anywhere it touched broke out, including the side of my face, and it took FOREVER and a day to heal and left me with scars, yay!)

So, let's just say, what I see in the mirror doesn't please me.

And yes, I am aware that it is ME and only ME that can make myself feel better. I can work out, I can make it a point to drink a lot more water than I do, etc etc..the list goes on and on. I just feel...gross. I hate my skin, I hate the problems I have with it (anyone know anything about verruca plana?), I hate how lumpy and bumpy my body has become...OH, and I have an ache in the back of my knee right where an extremely visible vein is and I think that's a sign that it will go vericose :( I probably sound like a hypochondriac or whatever, but with my luck, it's bound to happen. The vein is SUPER visible and travels from behind my knee up the back of my thigh. I know some people probably wouldn't notice it or point it out, but to me, I feel like everyone's eyes zoom right in to it. It makes me not want to wear dresses or shorts--things I used to (back in high school) wear with no problem! I was a stick back then...I didn't have VEIN issues at all!! Is this a sign I'm getting old?? Yes, Jaime, it is.

Sigh. Ok, pity kick is over. Sorry. I don't know why I let my own issues get the best of me. I think I'm just extra cranky from having to work late last night. I was here almost 2 hours late, we were so busy! I know it's overtime and all, but even that barely helps. Waaaaah. I know. I need to stop spending so much on clothes and shoes and start SAVING!

Things always sound better when you write them out. Now if only they would stick! :)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday and that they enjoy their weekend. It's going to be rainy here, apparently. How fitting...


  1. Jaime!

    Hi, I know it's taken me forever, but I just wanted to thank you for the kind comments on my blog and thank you for reading!

    I'll be reading more of your blog too. I hope you're having a good day ;)

  2. I miss YOU!!!!!!! I come to your page everyday waiting on a new entry!