Monday, March 12, 2012

2 Legit 2 Quit...

Haha, I don't even know why I made that my title. Today has been wacky so far. I did NOT want to get up this morning. The time change has really thrown me off. I slept in so late yesterday, and today, I really debated calling out of work to sleep more. But, I have a dentist appt tonight right after work and it's literally a short drive from where I work so I made myself come in. Of course, when I got to work, my computer would turn on but wouldn't connect to the server or internet, and I wasted an hour waiting for IT to fix the problem. So yeah, what a way to kick off Monday morning!

But, I have lost 2 pounds since I last weighed after my Poconos trip! woohoo. I still think my scale is funky, but I weighed in yesterday and I was down a pound from that this morning. I'll take it! We went out with friends on Saturday night, and I had that baby shower that afternoon, but I made smart choices (salad at the shower, with only a SMALL portion of pasta on the side and drank only water..I did have a slice of cake though but that was it) and at dinner, I indulged but since I was eating small portions at the shower, I think I balanced myself out. I always indulge more on the weekends, but I think it's a good sign I kept myself on track during the week! And Will being the sweet boyfriend that he is, took me grocery shopping yesterday, and I was able to stock back up on some produce and meats for the week to help keep our eating out at bay. I got some sweet chicken sausage, which I am excited to try. I saw different flavors of chicken sausage at Shoprite, but Acme only had the sweet variety so I suppose I'll start with this and see how I like it first. But I feel better and on track when I'm at work and steadily logging my calories, so here's hoping for a good week!

I am sort of nervous for my health screening here on Wednesday. I don't know what the results will reveal, but I am hoping for nothing bad or scary. I also get my hair cut that night and I always get stupid anxiety when going (AND trying a new salon). But I need to tell myself it's just hair, it does grow back, and if the girl follows my layers that I have now, it should be a breeze. Fingers crossed!

Not looking forward to the dentist tonight. I haven't been flossing, and I know he will give me crap for that. It always makes my gums very sore and bloody, and that is the WORST. But, I need to suck it up and get it over with. This is the year I am becoming healthy, and making appointments at the dentist/doctor are all on my list. I am even making an eye appointment, since it's been awhile since I've had my eyes checked and I don't want my vision declining without my being aware of it. I just want to be a happier, healthier version of myself and want to leave no area unchecked. I don't mind doctor's visits (except for the dentist, ugh) so it's not too hard for me to accomplish.

Has anyone ever ordered off Etsy before? Jaim, I know you are the only one who reads this but I'm asking anyway, haha. I ordered something back on Feb. 27th, and last week, I emailed the girl and she said it would ship last Monday. It's been a full week and nothing. I emailed her again yesterday (politely of course) and nothing yet...I just worry that she took my money and won't be shipping me the necklace! I don't mind if it's not ready or she didn't get a chance to ship it like she said she would, but I'd at least appreciate some honesty and communication!

That's all for now. Gonna suffer through this day and the dentist, and then RELAX! Season finale of the Bachelor tonight, too. Haha. 


  1. Go youuu! 2 lbs! :) I am so excited for you! And also glad your dentist appointment went well!

    I have never seen chicken sausage before! How does it taste?

    Remember it IS just hair and yes it will grow back out but I am sure it will look awesome! :) You are beautiful no matter what hair cut you have!

    I haven't ever ordered from Etsy, but that doesn't seem good that she hasn't shipped it! Not good...:/

    Oh I know he will pick Courtney, he is an idiot!

  2. I think I gained one back last night, I was SO hungry after the dentist which is odd.

    I have never had it before either! I think I'm making it tomorrow night so I will let you know how it tastes :)

    The woman apparently shipped it today. I bet you I had to harass her butt into gear though. How rude of her not to apologize!

    1. Oh I know, some people don't understand how to be polite!! I went to a store yesterday to buy some capris and the woman just stared at me when I came in, then after I bought 2 pair of capris and the register she was on her cell phone the whole time and didn't say a word to me! Ugh, it made me so mad! How rude!

      Oh please do. Poppy (my grandpa) told us he is home making his own chicken sausage but I have never tasted it!

  3. I really hate rudeness...with a passion!!
    And I will let you know. I've heard good things about it, so I'm excited to see how I like it. I'm branching out to new foods and I love it!

    1. ME TOO!! ! ! ! ! People drive me up the wall! I try to be kind to everyone!

      Oh how fun, I need to try something new!