Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ready to pitch a TENT!

April is almost here and for me and my family, that means one thing:
CAMPING season!!! 
(yes, I am a dork who gets uber excited to go camping).

This little fact seems to surprise many people. Why? you might ask. Well, to anyone who knows me, I appear to be a 'girly girl.' I love make-up and rarely ever leave the house without it ( NO, I am a Barbie who CAN'T go without it, I just don't like my skin and therefore choose to cover it up when at all possible..leave me alone). However, if I am being lazy or I am heading outside to walk, work-out, etc I can go without it. But let's just say at other times, I like to look presentable, if possible. And by that I just mean I slap some make-up on and my hair is straightened--nothing fancy.

So, knowing that about me, it shocks some people that I can camp and be outdoors in the typically make-up free world. Yes, the wilderness and I get along quite well, thank you! I can camp in a tent or camper, but if it's my mom and I going, we use the camper. I still have to trek it to the bathhouse or cop a squat in the woods (let's be real and say I prefer to use a toilet when at ALL possible), and I don't wear make-up. Or generally wash my hair for the 2 days we're there. Scary image? Maybe, but I love me some camping. There is something peaceful about having a campfire, being in sweats and reading your favorite book. We cook hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire, take walks, eat soup and RELAX. We might only be an hour or two from home, but it feels so far removed. It's peaceful. I thoroughly enjoy my time there because it's leisurely and carefree, both of which I crave. Not to mention I get some time with my momma, which is always the best! :)

I have been looking up new campgrounds to try, and actually found one in an area of PA we like that could be an option. My dad tends to get restless and can't fully 'relax' when he's there, so he likes to have a town nearby that he can explore..which means if he goes, Will will end up being his buddy and Mom and I can do our thing (we're both readers and have NO problem sitting by the fire all day). And with Memorial Day coming, a lot of campgrounds open up their pools and you can get a tan (not that I enjoy the prospect of being seen in a bathing suit anytime soon....*winces*). But anyway, I'm excited. We have a tentative trip planned for April and another in May with Will's family. YAY for this time of year!!

No other news to report at the moment. Still trying to get myself together for the wedding on Friday. I am also failing in my attempt to drink more water, but I'm trying to be more conscious of it today. We'll see how that goes...

Hope we're all having an awesome Tuesday. Wishing my twin a great trip this week! Have fun Jaim!


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  1. AWW Thank you!:)

    Yay! I probably will be away from the blogging world. :( I will miss you! You will be fine in a bathing suit! Just remember those walks are helping!!

    I love camping! I havent been in forever!
    I hope you have fun at the wedding! Take some pictures! xoxoxo