Friday, April 6, 2012

Warm peanut butter & the Devil's juice!

 Haha, I'm still laughing at my title. I'm referring to the peanut butter I just spread on my warm english muffin and it made me realize--does anything truly compare to the creamy, deliciousness of warm peanut butter?! and by 'devil's juice' I simply mean coffee. I love it. I'm addicted to it. Hence why I'm on my 2nd cup of the morning when I typically limit myself to one in the morning and one after dinner (I blame my parents for that habit!)

Clearly, I'm feeling happier than I was in my last post.

And, while I still have some anxiety about Sunday, it IS Good Friday and there is no point stressing over something that isn't happening right now.

The only bummer is that I am at work today, while the rest of the world has off (or so it seems. I'm sure there's a few poor souls out there like me stuck in the office). 

Not much new to really report. I am trying a new breakfast plan and having a packet of oatmeal in the morning with my (1st cup of) coffee, followed by a banana, and then I'm waiting closer to an hour or two to have my english muffin with peanut butter (hello, protein!) I don't if it's better for me or not, but I feel like breaking it up into two parts helps me stay full longer and not so ravenous come lunchtime (and in case you didn't know, I take my lunch later in the afternoon, around 1:30/2 p.m.). So yes, I am attempting to be back on track *hides face in shame at the peanut butter egg and strawberry shortcake I consumed last night*

I know mistakes happen and I will fall off the wagon occasionally, but I do my best to get back on track the next day and start fresh. I know some easter treats will tempt me this weekend, but I am going to do my best to allow myself to indulge a little and count the calories no matter what. I am finding that when I log my calories in the morning, I build in "snacks" that I want to account for, and at the end of the evening, sometimes I haven't even eaten them, which is a first! I used to feel like whatever I packed in my lunch, I needed to eat for some reason, simply because it was there maybe? And I also noticed that I'd eat an entire salad and yogurt and be 'full' but because that granola bar or fruit snacks were looking me in the eye, I'd eat them, too....just to get them out of the way. 

If I was smart, I'd realize I crave something sweet after dinner and allow myself the calories then. But lately, I have been eating something sweet after lunch (what is it about me eating an entire meal and STILL wanting sweets?!) and then come dinnertime, I eat a meal and immediately am thinking about a coffee and dessert. It's crazy! So, my goal(s) for next week are to:
1) reduce amount of sweets I have during the day and instead save the calories for later 
2) continue to bring fresh fruits or veggies to work to sustain hunger 
3) DRINK MORE water!! ( I struggle daily with this goal and I don't know why. I LOVE water and don't mind drinking it but it's like, I am not thirsty so I forget to? I don't know...)
4) Log my water
5) walk more than 30 minutes a day (not only for the Challenge, but for myself). This whole week I've walked anywhere from 18-32 minutes a night. This is sad, but due to time constraints, it's all I've had some nights. I need to do better next week and make more of an effort/stop being scared to jog!

So, there they are. I need to stick to them. I know this weekend will be challenging (I'm going out to PJ Whelihan's with the girls tonight, which has YUMMY food..yikes) and it's Easter, which means breakfast with his family, dinner with mine--all of which will have delicious, homemade food....I just can't go nuts. I know there are consequences now--I SEE the changes in my body and do not like what I see. The old me would indulge of think of the consequences later. The NEW me thinks of them first and (tries to!) act accordingly. Knowledge is key, right? At least my head is in the game this time around...

Still have that weird pressure/dull pain around the bottom of my left ribcage. Any thoughts? I also have cramps (thanks mother nature) so maybe it's all related, who knows. I reached ultimate granny status last night and used my super cute hot water bottle for the first time! haha. It actually felt nice against that area, so maybe it's a pulled muscle or something and the heat will help? Hoping it goes away soon...

On a totally unrelated note, I love Paula Deen and want to hang out with her for a day. LOL.

Happy Good Friday ya'll!


  1. I just got the perfect idea for our trip! We can meet Paula Deen and eat things with LOTS of BUTTER!! Hahah!!! How funny is this- I had an english muffin and coffee this morning but with nutella! ;) I have been trying to divide up my foods into about 5 small meals a day this week and I am not sure if I like it too well or not yet!

    Just remember where you want to be and what you want to look like! Don't lose sight of your goal!

  2. I would LOVE to hang out with paula deen and eat lots of butter! hahaha, that would be a fun trip. I'd love to meet her someday but that will prob never happen.

    How has the eating small meals throughout the day going? I messed up today and ate my english muffin with PB first, so I might have to have a packet of oatmeal soon. I dont know if thats too much though? i feel like I will use up all my calories before dinner!