Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter revelations!

Good morning Blogosphere!

Hope everyone had an awesome Easter and didn't gain a ton of weight from all the yummy foods and Easter candies ;) I myself haven't touched my Easter basket yet, for fear I will consume the whole thing in one sitting (thanks again to my Easter bunny, my one and only honey boo boo, Will :* ).
I am actually quite proud of myself for something super simple but I'm going to mention it anyway, because I can! My pop-pop, God bless him, ALWAYS gives my brother and I a chocolate bunny (thankfully he upgraded to solid bunnies after way too many years of giving us the hollow variety!) So yesterday, I'm in the kitchen with my mom, and I see 2 chocolate bunnies sitting on the counter. My mom mentions that Pop-Pop brought them over, and even gave one to Will this year! I looked at them, thought about the bunny I already had waiting at home in my basket, and LEFT THEM THERE. I did not touch it, I did not grab it in my greedy little hands and stuff it into my purse for later consumption, I left it. This is monumental for a chocolate fiend like myself. I know some may say that I was only leaving it because I already had one, is better than two (in this case), right? It's a baby step, if nothing else. A baby step to not gorging myself on chocolate like the old me would have. 

I was impressed with myself. 

I actually ate small portions of each meal (breakfast and dinner) and while I did have 2 pieces of cornbread and 1 roll (ok, so maybe I'm not so good at resisting bread yet), I was still proud of myself. I had a slice of cherry pie (no ice cream on top!) and did NOT indulge in any candy at all yesterday. Who knew I'd be capable of such willpower?! Certainly not me...

I need to ramp up my exercise though. I found myself seeing two women this weekend who previously were heavier than I am. They both have lost weight and look great and instead of being happy for them, I found myself very envious and upset. I KNOW that is not how I should feel. I should celebrate the success of others and use that as inspiration for my own body. Instead, I let it bring me down and I need to quit that habit, asap. If they can do it, so can I BUT I have to be willing to do the work (something I always, always struggle with). I hate exercise, let's be honest. I am sloooowly getting used to the diet aspect and learning how to control my calories and portions. But I cannot seem to get myself mentally in the mood for exercise. I like walking, yes, and will do that each night. But even that gets boring to me. I want to do my 30 minutes and then call it quits (and let's be real, 30 minutes isn't going to melt off the pounds). I have a lateral thigh machine in my house, and instead of doing that for another 30 mins while I watch a TV show or something, I do 10 minutes and it "hurts" and so I stop. I need to learn how to push through the pain. I need to learn that without the pain, results don't happen. It's something I'm working on with myself, and I need to stop making excuses and start making time. I might have to sacrifice an hour of catching up on a TV show or an hour of sleep, but it's a sacrifice I need to do. 

As some of you know, I read a lot of blogs on here. Usually, I will stumble across a blog based on what someone else reads, and when I commit to a blog, I REALLY commit. I read their blog in it's entirety, from the beginning. Which, needless to say, could be years of entries...but I do it. I want to read the whole blog, not just start with the current entry. I like to know the person's history, their story....and that is something that can only be achieved by starting at the beginning. I have done this with a few blogs so far, and luckily. it didn't take me too long (can we say I easily become distracted by how awesome these blogs are and will easily lose track of time here at work while I'm supposed to be *working*? haha). Right now, I am on Sheryl's blog and I love it! She grew to love working out, and more importantly, LOVE her body and she is an inspiration. I am only on her entries during the year 2010 but I will soon be caught up to date, I promise! For now, I am enjoying seeing her progress and when I feel the lack of motivation to work out, I am going to think of her. If she can learn to run and love it, so can I. If nothing else, she makes me want to ride a bike in high heels :) But she is currently who I'm reading and I am thoroughly getting a lot out of her blog. So, congrats Sheryl! You don't know me, but you feel like a friend and you continue to inspire me!

So, that's about all for right now. I suppose I should do some work and please my boss since Mondays are our busiest days.

I will talk about the Easter situation in another blog. Stay tuned.

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  1. I am nervous to hear about Easter.....and I have been reading Sheryls blog too! She is so neat, I love her style!