Monday, April 30, 2012

Catch Up!

Hello world, I'm still alive! (I'm sure many of you were wondering, haha).

It feels like I've been super busy lately, and yet I don't really know what's been taking up my time. I did have off a few Fridays ago to go camping, and I must say, I LOVED the campground. We had beautiful weather, delicious food (oh yes, I'm looking at you, Shady Maple!) and good company. The campground itself was called "Lake in Wood" resort, and it definitely did not disappoint. They had a game room, super cute camp store, a cafe, a picturesque lake, astonishingly clean (and cute!) bathrooms, etc. I am really happy that we took the day off and had an extra full day there (we headed out on a Thursday evening and came home sunday morning). I'm telling you, that extra full day makes a difference! I cannot wait to go back, hopefully in September.

Here are some pics just to give an example of the fun I had:
Mom and I at the lake :)
My bestie Amy and I cooking hot dogs over the fire!

So yeah, good times. I always get sad when trips end...

BUT, this past weekend, the bf and I traveled out to PA yet again to see an old college friend. I have missed her dearly and haven't seen her in years (and for anyone who cares, she is one of the 3 people I have "made up" with in this past year. I've had several friends fall off the grid mainly due to stupidity on my part and I've made the effort to get them all back. Nikki is one of them).

Will and I got there, and got to meet her handsome son, Garrett and her husband Dave. The 5 of us then traveled a short distance to my old college campus--SHIPPENSBURG!
I cannot tell you how excited I was. I graduated in 2005 (keep your snickers about my age to yourself, lol) and have only been back there once, in 2007 or so. Since then, obviously MUCH has changed. New buildings, new scenery, you name it. I just could not believe how different it all looked. 

I remember being a student there and seeing 'older' people walking around looking amazed and laughing to myself...and now, I'm one of them! Craziness!

Here are a few pics from my visit :)

Will and I in front of the University sign! <3
Nikki and I on these awesome wooden chairs they now have scattered on campus (why didn't they have these when we went there?!

So, that about sums up where I've been lately. April has certainly flown by (and yes Twin, I know I owe you times for this past week--can't believe the Challenge is over!)
I have a lot of things planned for May, and I am just loving that I am able to experience these awesome things in life. I truly am blessed <3

Still have to do some work weight-wise, as a sidenote. I keep..indulging for lack of a better things that I know I shouldn't. I've been so weak when it comes to sweets and desserts and BAD things! I need to shed these pounds before summer. I can do it...right?!



  1. YAY! I am so glad you are back! I really thought you left me for good!! I have missed you!!
    Can you believe it is May?! Holy cow I can't! Your pics make me so excited for the fall! I can't wait to live on campus! ahh!! It can't come soon enough! You look so pretty! I never loook good while camping! Hahah! I totally understand the busy feeling! I am glad to see an entry though! :)

    And yes you can do it before summer!!

  2. We all get busy, it's understandable..but i would never leave you! lol. College is exciting..I'm excited for you and I'm not even the one going! haha. I loved being back..and I dont look that pretty hair only behaved for one day until it got all gross and then i looked a mess, lol. But I love camping, I'm going again this weekend!