Monday, April 2, 2012

And's Monday again.

I hate Mondays, I really do. I find it hard to get myself in gear, especially when I was out the Friday before.
Yes, that brings me to the wedding.

Surprisingly enough, I felt great. I mean, when I look at some pictures, I sort of analyze my arm fat and all that, but thanks to my mom, my hair was up and nicely done, my nails and toes were painted pretty and overall, I just felt glamorous. And, as one bridesmaid said to me, my dress was "old world Hollywood" and "gorgeous." So, yeah, here I am:

whatcha think of my dress? I loved it!

And, just because I am proud of my man, here we are at the wedding:
Love him!

So yeah, that was the wedding. We got to see all of our friends, eat delicious appetizers and buffet meal and all around have a good time. I was bad though and didn't log my calories in MFP :( But that was probably for the best because while I did eat very small portions of everything, it would have been too much to find/log in MFP and I don't think I consumed as many calories as the app prob would have told me I did. I think my main culprit that night was the raspberry vodka & champagne bellinis that I was drinking, LOL. They were soooooo good. And I actually did really well dessert-wise, since they didn't have a ton that I liked and the one bite I had of cake was dry and gross so that saved me, haha.

Yesterday, Will took me to Cracker Barrel (which also was not logged into MFP because I actually just forgot). This whole weekend I guess was bad for me, since I had Domino's cheesy bread on saturday afternoon and then we went out to eat with friends that night (The Ground Round, it was awesome!) yeah, bad eating weekend BUT I am not beating myself up and am back on track today. We also saw The Hunger Games, which I loved! They changed a few things, but overall, I think they did a good job and I am excited to see what they do with the rest of them.

I am having HORRIBLE dry, itchy skin on my legs. I shaved on Friday for the wedding and applied a nice, luxurious lotion afterward, and I don't know what happened, but come Saturday, my legs were sooooo itchy. To the point where I was itching them without realizing it, and causing all kinds of scratches and whatnot. And now, 2 days later, I have all these red/white bumps on my legs...I guess where I itched and it almost looks like poison ivy does :( I believe I have had this issue before and my mom assured me it's happened to her too but still. With warmer weather approaching, I don't want to have to worry even more about baring my (fat) legs!! So, I hope if I apply an anti-itch cream to them and don't shave for a few days (sorry Will), it will go away and then I will do my best NOT to itch no matter how strong the urge is.

I need to log my water and actually drink more of it, too. Sigh. I am participating in the walk 30 mins a day challenge too, so I need to keep on track with that as well!

I am also feeling anxious and upset about some drama that happened on thursday, but I don't feel like reporting about it now. I think I will wait and write about it in a bit, in a separate post.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!


  1. You look SO beautiful!!!! I love the dress! You guys are too cute of a couple! And the updo is fabulous also! : I bet the raspberry vodka was amazing! Last night mom made us some crystal light "mocktails" and it was AMAZING! Only like 10 calories in a very big glass! We had the margarita flavor and she even bought some salt for them! I could have drank the entire blender full! We ate at cracker barrel 2 times on vacation and both times I got the chef salad! I wanted some big plate of grease but I just had to remind myself not to!

    So you loved the HUnger games?!I hoped you would have!

    Im sorry about the reaction! :/ and you arent fat! You are beautifuL!

  2. Aww, thank you! I really loved my dress. It came to my knees, which was perfect for me (since I hate my thighs).
    How do you make these mocktails? they sound fab! and I know I should have resisted at Cracker Barrel BUT i only ate half of my portion and boxed up the other half.

    I did love it! you did, too right? I mean, for how crazy the book was, I thought they played it out nicely. As i read them, I told Will what happened but it's impossible to convey to him the whole book, ya know? so when he watched it, i think he got the movie without having read the book himself, if that makes sense.

    the reaction sucks. I hope it goes away soon :( dont know why I'm so itchy!!

  3. The mocktails were from crystal light and I think you just add lemon juice and maybe ice? I dont know but they were good!! What did you get at cracker barrel? Their corn muffins are MY FAVORITE thing in the world! With strawberry jelly!!!!!!!!! yum!! But they are almost 300 calories a piece!!!

    Yes I LOVED HG!!! Im glad Will liked it! Hope your skin is better!

    I also hope you are still participating in the challenge! :) xoxo