Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Jillian!

I love and hate Jillian Michaels. There, I said it. 

We tried the workout DVD last night, and oh-my-god! I am SO out of shape. My mom is how many years older than me and get up wayyyy better! haha. I was proud of her at least. The DVD consisted of a half hour of 3 circuits (3 mins for strength training, 2 for cardio and 1 for ab work). I have found that I really enjoy the strength training portion. I like using the dumbbells and feeling the burn (though I think after the tape is over, I should do some more reps on my own? I'm not as sore as I thought I'd be today..or even as much as I'd like to be, as weird as that sounds). But, my downfall is the cardio. I am 28 years old and can hardly do quick feet or skater's lunges or whatever she had us doing without my chest heaving and getting all hot and feeling like death! I had to actually go to my deck and open the screen door and let some air in, I got that overheated :( And I know it was a little bit of a struggle for my mom, but she slowed her pace and kept at it at least! 

Overall, I'm glad I at least tried. and if we do the video 2-3 times a week, i will eventually be able to do the whole 30 mins, right?! And then we can move on to the more accelerated workouts. I am just proud of myself for making the time and effort to work out after work. I usually am lazy and tired from a full day of being here, but with Mom willing to come over and make the effort with me, it makes it a lot easier. And I did like Jillian and her motivation. She has 2 assistants and one of them does a moderated version, for slower people like me. I thought that was nice. And when you think of it, 3 circuits for 18 minutes is not a long time at all, and she does a warm-up and cool down. Well worth the $9 :)

This evening, I'm going to meet Mom at my new fave park to walk for a bit and get some exercise in outside before the rain comes tomorrow. Booooo. I just hope the Poconos has snow for us when we go at the end of this week--I want to go snow tubing!! Will can ski and snowboard, but my clumsy, uncoordinated self enjoys plain old-fashioned snow tubing. I know it's not "real" exercise, but it's fun and I will enjoy myself. Plus, I'm bringing my sneakers and I plan to go for at least one walk/hike while we're there.

I saw my twin Jaimi lost some weight since last week! Congrats love, you did excellent, just like I knew you would!! :-D
See, it just proves that eating right and working out leads to positive results. Gotta keep that in mind when I feel down.

Excited about my salad for lunch, too. Can I just say how cute my bf is and how he cut up all my fruits and veggies for me to put on it? He is the sweetest. He always makes time to make sure I have what I need, and he has been a real supporter during my quest to eat healthy. Between him and my mom and Jaimi, I feel blessed to have such amazing, inspiring people in my life.


  1. I am so glad you tried that DVD!!! In the past when I tried workout DVDs I would just sit on the couch and watch them as I sat on my butt. I haven't tried any since I started my journey but maybe I would actually do a Jillian DVD! Sounds like your mom is a pro! :) You are exactly right the more you do the video the easier it will get. That is how I was with jogging. At first I thought I was going to die (and nervous to be jogging period)! I haven't jogged in a while though because I have been bike riding. I think it might have something to do with my weird weight loss the past 2 weeks. Idk! Thanks for the congrats though! I wish I felt more proud
    of it but at least it is in the right direction!!!
    But, I know that each little thing I do helps keep me on my path. When I am down I remember how far I have come and how much better I feel now than I used to! Mentally and physically that is!

    I love walking in the park! any park! I am so glad your mom is helping you! :) Do you feel better today after exercising? I find that it really lifts my mood even if I hate the world while exercising! LOL!

    I have NO idea in this world what poconos is but it sounds like fun! I would love to snow tube. I haven't done any type of snow related activity- ever! Well, aside from playing in the 2 inches we get at a time. :)

    Will sounds like a sweetheart, what a keeper! If I could find someone to cut my fruit and veggies up I would feel like I was in heaven! haha!

    Aw!! I am so thankful I have found someone to talk to that I can relate so much to even if we have never met! It is crazy!

  2. I just need to keep trying it. It is tough to resist sitting on the couch and just watching the workout DVD but I know both of us can do it! you might like it more than me, since you're in better shape!! :) and my walk at the park was nice. Mom brought our dachshund Sam with her, and he's always fun to walk with cuz he keeps a good pace lol :) So it was nice. But then i felt blah when I went home, made the quesadilla and then hated it. I dont know why exactly, I think it was just that the whole time i was walking, i told myself i just wanted a bowl of cereal for dinner and then i didnt listen. But, better choices today :)

    Ahhh the Poconos! Its a region in Pennsylvania where they have a lot of ski resorts, and snow activities. They have real snow, and make man made snow when it's lacking to keep the activities going. It's such a pretty area. I have only been to a few parts but it's really nice. i think you would like it, because it's nice and scenic all year round, and in summertime they have a lake and lots of hiking trails, etc. There is one beautiful hiking area called Bushkill Falls. Maybe we can make that a trip one year! Then I'll be in shape to properly hike it!

    And he is super sweet. He helps me in any way he can, he knows how much this means to me :)

    It is crazy but it also makes me insanely happy that I have someone like you out there that relates to me so well! And one day we will meet :)

  3. I am glad you guys enjoyed your walk! I took our dog to the park one time and she wanted to run after everyone it was awful! Don't beat yourself up over the quesadilla incident. I do the same though too!

    I am so jealous of your trip this weekend! Take a lot of pictures! I want to see it!!! We will have to go sometime, I love to travel! I am just lacking the money to do so! I have never been to the northeast part of the US. boo ! :( At the end of March my family and I are going to East Tn to visit my grandparents. I am super excited for the change of scenary! I am doing a 5K in Gatlinburg, we are biking through Cades Cove and climbing to the top of Clingman's Dome. (the tallest mtn. in TN. I can't wait!!! I love outdoors, I was thinking today about the whole counseling program I was thinking about and then I was like ew..I dont want to work in an office my entire life. I just dont know!!! I love being outside Ijust dont know what job I could have that would support me!! Any ideas?

    Have fun on your trip!! :)

  4. Lucky you! I LOVE traveling and would be super excited to do all that you're doing on your trip. When do you leave?
    You will have to come to NJ sometime! There are many options around me for day trips, including the beach (nice biking there I bet!). and the Poconos in PA is only 2 hours away. Lots to do up here! haha, have I sold you on it yet?!
    I love TN...my one pop-pop might move there, but I'm not sure which part. Like I said, I have only been to Nashville before.
    Hmm, what could you do? could you be some kind of fitness coach and be outside counseling patients that way?? I dont know, I'll think on it for ya..