Thursday, February 23, 2012

I have a follower!!! :)

Haha, funny how little things make me excited anymore. But I'm just glad someone took the time to read my words, and especially that it is none other than Jaimi, the girl who inspired me not only to blog, but to better myself in many ways. I know that sounds crazy, since I have never even met her and only spoken to her online, but in my world, I believe you can touch people's lives without ever seeing their face or hearing their laugh. I'll get off my soapbox about her, but I believe in good people, and I know she is one of them :) So Jaimi, thanks for taking the time to believe in me as well (and for reading my blog, too!) It's funny..when I was younger, I had a penpal in Ireland. I used to get so excited to receive her letters in the mail and have a friend out there in the world. To me, that's how I think of the people I talk to online. They're my "friends," even if we've never met face to face. I genuinely enjoy hearing from her and it makes me happy to know someone besides myself reads this!

And so it's Thursday. I felt kind of bad last night, because even though I walked at this gorgeous park with Mom, I came home and we had Saladworks for dinner. I went on their website and created my own salad (sampling different dressings to see which had the least amount of calories that I would actually ENJOY..I miss parmesan peppercorn, lol) and it was a lot. I did cheese, pepperoni, walnuts, whole wheat pasta, lettuce, cucumbers and egg (no croutons, which was hard for me but I did have a whole wheat roll) and LITE buttermilk ranch. Sorry guys, I just could not do the fat free balsamic. I CRAVE creamy dressings, it's my downfall. I wanted apple slices on it too, but the guy forgot them, oh well. I know it was a high calorie meal, and I was still done eating by 8 p.m. for the night...but, i cheated and had my last red velvet cake Godiva truffle :-/ oopsie! I needed something sweet. That's my biggest problem..I can be SO full from a meal and still have the room in my stomach to have dessert. It's like I save space for it (or have a separate compartment for it, like I always used to say). So I indulged, if only to get rid of the temptation since the box is now gone. But when I do that, it makes me feel bad about myself the next day, even if the scale stayed the same. I didn't want to weigh myself, but part of me wanted to know the damage I did. I guess it's a good thing I didn't gain, but I also didn't lose any, which is where my problem lies. I am maintaining my weight doing what I've been doing. I need to ramp up my will to exercise or else I'll stay stagnant! 

Anyone have any recommendations for what to do with my hair to keep it from getting extra sweaty and end up curling? I know this sounds like a silly problem, but I have long (curly) hair. It takes me 30 mins. to straighten it, and if I sweat or it's humid, it will curl and undo all the work it took to make it straight! I know this is a lame excuse, but I think that has always been a reason I haven't worked out. Hey, at least I'm being honest! Do they make any kind of sweat-resistant headbands or are there any ideas out there for how to keep my hair straight while doing a workout? Leave it to me to ask the silly questions....

I feel like so many thoughts go through my head as I write this. It really makes me think of my body and physical appearance. I know I mentioned needing a haircut, and I need to find a salon I really love and dont get anxiety about going to. I know it's just hair, but i always worry the stylist wont get what I want or do it I tend to bounce from place to place. But that's on my list to take care of. I need a good trim!

And reading Jaimi's tanning stuff, it makes me REALLY want to go tanning! I miss how tan I used to be from doing that each year. I think something happened to my skin though, and i don't get as dark as I used to. And that one year, I got "tanning spots" all over my torso so I think that started making me not want to go. But I don't get really tan from the natural sun anymore (I get more red!) Not to mention, due to working all week, I don't really get to sit out in the sun for long periods of time, unless I have a beach day, etc. And since I'm not exposed on a daily basis, I burn. It's a lose-lose situation, haha. I know they say to stay out of the sun altogether, but it makes you feel so much prettier with a tan, right? and skinnier in some way ;) I guess I'll think about it. I have a wedding on March 30th that I'd love to have some color for, but I'd have to start tanning soon if I wanted that. I also dont know that I have the money for it right now..womp womp. And I don't know about your tanning salons, but mine always make you sign up for 3 months, and then they automatically charge your card for another 3 if you dont cancel by a certain date. And you have to go and cancel in person. It's annoying. Not to mention all the girls who work there are super thin, tan and pretty and it makes me self-concious going in there...

I've been REALLY trying to moisturize my skin lately, too. It's been extra dry due to the winter air and having the heat on. I purchased a nighttime moisturizer and it feels nice and light when I put it on (which is good for my stupid sensitive skin) but i feel like my skin just soaks it right up and is dry again by morning. Sometimes I wish I had really pretty skin and could go natural everyday, without having to put makeup on. But sadly, I don't and make-up helps me to feel prettier. But I know it's not good for my skin issues..

So that's hair and skin, but I also want to purchase some teeth-whitening strips. Anyone have any they recommend? 

I guess this entry has just been me talking and talking with no real point but oh well. It's help time pass and I'm extra bored here at work. And it's so gorgeous out, I wish I was outside! It's only going to be in the 40s this weekend supposedly, but that's ok. I'll be indoors with Mom seeing the Dinosaur exhibit at the Philadelphia Franklin Institute! I love their exhibits and getting to see some of the museums in the city. 

Goals for the weekend/next week:
1) work out more than I did this week
2) clean out SOME of my overflowing closets! Baby steps
3)update my resume/decide what I want to do with my life/career
4) I REALLY need to do the update on my iPhone. It keeps telling me I don't have enough memory on my laptop to perform it but I barely have anything on there, so I've avoided it. Time to suck it up and take care of business!

I'm sure I'll be back later :)


  1. AW! :) I am so glad I came over to look at your blog!!! :) It is like having friends even though you have never met! We can keep each other motivated! I have never heard of Saladworks around these parts but it sounds really neat! I used to LOVE ranch dressing. I didn't think I could eat anything other than ranch or honey mustard! I don't know how I changed what I like but now I really do enjoy light italian or fat free balsamic. I know it sounds crazy but I really don't even like ranch anymore. It is FULL of calories. You said something about needing to eat something sweet after you eat and I am the EXACT same way! I could be stuffed to my eyeballs and still want something sweet! I usually eat a smartones ice cream bar or orange sherbert push pops. Some days we make our own desserts but not often because I usually don't have enough calories for a big dessert. Don't get mad at yourself it 's okay to eat something you want. Just remember moderation! If you deprive yourself then you will overeat! I wish I could help you out with your hair but I have super short hair and mine frizzes up after I work out. I usually work out after work and don't care how it looks then. I work 6a-6p and it sucks bigtime being stuck in an office! I sometimes wish I had long hair though because I think it is absolutely gorgeous, mine just frizzes and I am too lazy to straighten it everyday. So I think the shorter the easier :) That tanning bed was amazing. I already feel darker! I also tried the Wal-Mart whitening strips and I really didn't see a difference. I have heard that the Crest 3D ones work but they are so expensive! I think make-up makes everyone feel better! I know I feel like a totally different person with make-up! I always think about mosturizing but I am too lazy to do it. I always had the intentions to then I am just like blah! In the summer when I wear shorts or whatever I try to use lotion. haha. I am absolutely amazed at how much we are alike. It is like I can read my thoughts on your blog. I HATE UPDATING MY PHONE! HATE HATE HATE! I can not stand syncing it and blah blah. I guess that can be added to my list of "too lazy." HOpe you had a great day and stuck to your eating plan! YOu can do it!!! :) Just remember to believe in yourself! I believe in you!

  2. I believe in you too!! :) It IS amazing how alike we are, I love it! It makes me feel happy knowing I have a friend out there in TN. I have only ever been to Nashville, but I love your state lol. And oh! I didn't know Saladworks weren't everywhere. it's pretty much like a fast-food chain but for salads. You can create your own or they have a ton that they have made up. But you're right, ranch IS full of calories. I dont mind Italian, so I need to stick with that or make myself start liking balsamic. I'm glad you understand me with the sweet treats,too! I can be SO full and still want chocolate or cake, etc. Thanks for the dessert ideas though..and i really like your entry about cheesecake pudding or something, I want to make sure I try some of that. I just need to be better at portion control. And I'm SO jealous of your tanning. The salons here intimidate me. I don't want to go to Hollywood Tans and yet that is all that seems to be around me. I dont know. I need to get some money set aside for it first and then maybe I will go. Do you use any type of tanning lotions to help? I'm like you and not good at moisturizing my body (i really only do my face on a daily basis) but i know tanning lotions and having a moisturized body is supposed to help. And I heard about the Crest 3D ones, too! and you're lucky you can pull off short hair, I WISH i could. My hair is curly, and anything above my shoulders will poof up! haha. I seriously need to update my phone this weekend, I'm not even kidding. i dont have the last update installed and before i know it, another update will be out. Oh well, Happy Friday Jaim!

  3. OH! That cheesecake pudding was delicious. I really wish I would have had some low fat graham crackers to put in it. I looked up Saladworks online and there are NONE in TN! Can you believe that? I am depressed! I have only been to tan once this year. I usually don't use tanning lotion. Some places that let you use oil- I use afro sheen? I am not sure what it is exactly called. It is oil for hair. Weird, right? It works though, most places don't let you use oil though. Your hair is so pretty, I am jealous!

    I also remembered that you said you were going to a friends house and eating pizza! Don't worry about overeating! If you want eat greek yougurt or something before you go so you don't eat as much when you are there! It is ok to eat pizza or whatever just don't over induldge! You can do it! :) Just think of where you want to be and don't lose sight of that goal!!

  4. I cant wait to try some! I really need to go to the store this weekend. I worry about having plenty of "healthy" options on the weekends so that I'm not tempted to eat junk. But that sounds like the perfect "dessert" to have one day. and what?! No saladworks?! Well, if you ever come up this way we'll go to one so you can see what it's all about :) But really, you arent missing out. They can be kind of pricey for just a salad...but they do have amazing rolls (see, me and bread! haha). and i thought that was for hair but I wasnt sure you meant the same thing until you said it was! haha. Thats awesome some places let you use oil. I bet that really helps the tan stay.
    My hair is going to get ratty if I don't cut it soon! Seriously. But thank you :) I saw a pic of yours and it looked like you had long hair at one point--did you? Either way, you can pull off long or short hair, which is awesome!
    That's a good idea to eat the greek yogurt beforehand. I know my friend (the one making the pizza) is watching her weight too so I won't be alone in my temptation!

  5. Whenever I am out of healthy food I go crazy. I like to have plenty of options to chose from. I know I looked at the map and most of the Saladworks are in NJ or the NE part of the country. All we have around here are Mcdonalds! I am a bread lover also. When we go to Red LObster I eat 1 roll so I don't deprive myself and then move those suckers out of the way! Haha the oil sheen messes up some tanning beds so a lot of places don't allow it. I used to have extensions...well I still do but don't wear them. They were clip-ins and a pain in the rear. I want some pizza now! I think we are having fat free hot dogs..ugh. Just not want I wanted but I guess it will suffice! Have fun eating your pizza though, lol!

  6. OMG i LOOOOOOOVE the biscuits from red lobster. Omg, I could eat a whole basket right now!! I would probably be so weak if I went there because I love them. Luckily ( I guess?), I don't go there much cuz I'm allergic to shellfish, haha. So i don't eat seafood. My mom loves it though, and occasionally I take her there as a treat but it's been awhile.
    And you used to have clip-ins?! Tell me how I just got some to highlight my hair and for the life of me, I can't use them! I am hair-challenged, seriously. I had my mom try and clip them under a layer of my hair, and she did it, but i couldnt really brush it without snagging one of the clips. Ugh. I was I was more hair-savvy but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thought they were a pain! haha.

    1. Haha I am a CARB lover. I love carbs. Ohh that sucks! I love seafood! Yes I do have clip ins but they don't match the color of my hair now so they look retarded. I couldn't ever brush mine either! I would usually wear them clipped back or in a braid. Oh I can not for the life of me fix my hair cute but I can fix other people's! I couldn't ever wear them down because you could see my actual hair and then where the extensions started!