Friday, February 24, 2012


Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here, and I couldn't be more excited. Mainly to sleep in tomorrow :P It's my first full weekend with my new mattress, and I am extra excited to be able to sleep in and enjoy it! 

So...I didn't exercise last night. I really feel like I failed myself, and it sucks. We went to my parents, and my mom made her famous "breaded steak," which by no means is healthy. I tried to eat light during the day to compensate (I had cereal for lunch!), but I still feel like I overindulged at dinner. But when macaroni and cheese and biscuits are in front of me, I can't help myself! I told you cheese and bread are my weaknesses! and then after we had cleaned up, I felt lethargic and just wanted to put my pj's on and watch a scary movie with Mom. So needless to say, I failed. But I did log everything into my fitness pal and my food journal, so I still feel accountable for my actions.

I got paid today, woohoo! Too bad all my money goes to my mortgage and the rest of my bills :( I'm hoping to take a small portion and go grocery shopping, since I desperately need to get some healthy foods back in my life for lunches/dinners next week. Maybe I will accomplish that tomorrow at some point, in between bouts of catching up on my TV shows and *hopefully* updating my phone, haha. Speaking of TV shows (and I know Jaimi will agree), I missed Vampire Diaries this week. It's by far my favorite show, and I hate when they take small hiatuses. It was getting good, too!

Work needs to speed it up. I'm going to Audra's tonight for pizza (where I promised myself I would not overindulge, and knowing Audra, she used wheat dough anyway) and then possibly seeing Nicole, but I feel bad because I kind of just want a lazy night in. Maybe a movie or two, some comfy clothes, etc. And I complain about friends not making time for me or even remembering me, and then when I make plans with them, I often wish I hadn't. What's wrong with me?! I need to suck it up for one night and go out, but a) I don't have the money to spend and b) I don't want to be tempted to eat or drink unnecessary calories! So we'll see how the night goes. I'm just glad I didn't really make plans the rest of the weekend so that I can relax and do as I please. 

Had a dream that I got my hair cut shorter and loved it. Is that a sign? No. I love my long hair. Why do I get such anxiety?! haha. I think if i had a young stylist who knew me and knew my hair I'd feel much better. But I don't. I tended to always go where my mom did, and this time, she went without me so I'm on my own. Next paycheck, I am making myself go, even if it's just to BestCuts!

Don't really have much else to say right now (I think I'm still waking up and yet I've been awake for 4 hours). But here's a cute pic from last night. It's me (with no make-up in my pajamas, no less!), Will and my fave little guy, Sammy! He's my sweetheart :)


  1. P.S. My friend totally just offered me one of the best soft pretzels in the area and I said NO! YAY me. That's a big step for me, turning down free goodies here at work. Baby steps....

  2. I have found my soul mate best friend! Vampire Diaries!? Are you serious?! I seriously could not believe that it is also your favorite show! I really don't know anyone around here that watches it. I have been begging my sister to start so I could have someone to talk to about it! :) This just made my day. I hope you aren't getting tired of me commenting on every single thing you write but it is like having a good friend that you can chat with!

    I am proud of you for still logging your food into MFP! It is ok to eat something like you did as long as you do in moderation! I know that is like the hardest part of watching what you eat but you can do it!

    I can totally relate to the going out with friends thing. I always make plans then want to be at home watching tv or sitting around. Lately I really hate going out because I also don't want to be tempted to eat or drink over my calories. I think that is why I am so nervous about the fall and being away from my normal routine.

    Cute PJ's by the way! Awesome job on staying away from the pretzels! Little steps are the best way to go! Someone I work with has girlscout cookies laying out. I am so thankful they aren't tagalongs. If they were I would eat my weight in them! :) They are some type of berry crunch so I am not even tempted to eat them. 120 calories for 2! Yeah right! I could eat a lot more of something else for that many calorieS! Happy (almost) Weekend to you!!!! I am totally jealous!

  3. NOOOO! I LOVE talking with you soul mate best friend :) I get excited to see if you commented, so please dont feel like you are talking too much, etc. and OMG YES, I LOVE Vampire Diaries. None of my friends watch it either, so I make my mom watch it with me! haha. Who do you like more, Stefan or Damon? ;) I can't wait til it comes back on...

    I log everything, regardless of how shameful it is. It makes me feel better knowing I acknowledge my little indiscretions lol.

    I think you will do fine and stick to your normal routine no matter where your life takes you. You are determined!!

    I REALLY just wanna go home, put on some pj's and relax, lol. It is still rainy and gloomy here, I hate it. And it's supposed to be like really windy and chilly this weekend too...I will make myself exercise though.

    LOL I was super proud of myself for turning down that pretzel. and proud of you for staying away from the cookies! are the tagalongs the peanut butter ones?? if so, they are my faveeeee and i'm so glad no one has them laying out here!! Ahh, cookies. I love sweets way too much, haha.

    Hopefully your workday is winding down as well. i work 8:30 to 4:30 and it's 3:15 my time. Are you an hour behind me or no?

  4. Damon, Damon, DAMON! Although I love Stefan and Elena's love but I have totally started hating Stefan lately. Damon is just amazing looking. I was so upset last night was a rerun. When do the new episodes come back on? I love TVD and Gossip Girl. I think Gossip Girl is my 2nd favorite show!

    That is great that you log everything. I would HATE seeing the calories if I overate. Maybe that is why I eat right. :) You should be VERY proud of yourself for turning down that pretzel! That was awesome! Tagalongs are the peanut butter ones covered in chocolate!!!! AH. I love pb&chocolate! I am really wanting something sweet now thinking about those darn tagalongs especially since I am getting hungry!

    Only an hour left to go then time for some cardio at the gym, packing lunch, watching Grimm and sleep to come back to work again at 6am. :/ I am not sure the time differene, I think it is only an hour ahead!

  5. Awww I love Stefan! Well, not the Stefan that he's been lately but the old one. Damon is nice to look at though ;) at least we dont have to fight over them! :P
    I think it comes back on march 15?? Ugh. And I don't watch GG, I only watched the first season but fell off after that. I love Leighton Meester though.

    Omg I love choc and peanut butter too!!! Mmm I could eat it all the time :)

    I think I am only an hour ahead. I think you're working but I hope your Saturday is going nicely and that you're feeling motivated (and can motivate me lol). Oh!! And I love Grimm too!!!

    1. I am ready for March 15th then! The old Stefan was sweet but the new one needs to be punched. :) My saturday is going slowwww. I am not motivated at all! :( I didn't want to wake up this morning and felt half asleep all morning! I am hoping the next 6 hours go by fast!!! These long weekends when I have to work 3 days in a row suck, but I'll be off 3 days in a row after Sunday! I hope you enjoyed your pizza last night, I am so hungry today and craving everything I can think of! I don't know what is wrong- just an off day I guess! Hope you are having a good weekend and get some walking in if the weather permits! If you try out any new HG recipes let me know how they turn out!! Remember you can do whatever you put your mind to. (including not weighing everyday!) :) We are more powerful than the scale! Don't let it control you! Mind Over Matter!! I doubt I will get to go to the gym tonight because I think they close early on Saturdays but maybe I'll try to get a walk in at the park. Idk! I'm being LAZY!!! Yikes!!!!!!!!!

  6. The new Stefan does need to be punched! hahaha. And did you know he is married to the girl who plays the new doctor in town? The one talking to Alaric? in real life I mean, they're married. I had no idea! But I can't wait for the show to come back. And I just got into Grimm, I have a bunch of episodes I need to catch up on but I think it's a really awesome show....So how was your weekend? I guess you stayed motivated, I saw your salad posts, etc! Sounds like you did awesome! I wish I could say I did but i had a few weak moments. I am determined to do better this week though! AND I only have a 3-day work week this week so that pumps me up. You are enjoying your days off starting today right? Lucky you!!

    1. I didn't! She also plays on Pretty Little Liars. I watch WAYYY too much TV. My weekend was blahhh boring. It sucked pretty much. I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 hours each day! I am off now until Thursday. I only have to work Thursday and Friday and will be off the weekend! Yay!!! I tried to stay motivated but really wasn't feeling exercising. I think today after my dreaded dentist appointment we are going for a bike ride. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am seriously nervous. If i havent lost any or gained I am going to be VERY upset!!!! The weather is AMAZING today! Hopefully it still isnt raining and such still in NJ!