Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is it me?

...or am I the only one who feels like the blogs I read are written by my friends? haha, that probably made no sense but what I'm trying to say is...that if I read your blog (especially if I've gone back in your wonderful archives and read it from the beginning) on a consistent (ok, everyday!) basis, then I feel like we're friends. You don't know me, nor will you ever (probably), but I feel like if I'm investing my time in your words, then somehow, sort of, we're..friends. Is that so unrealistic?! hahaha. I sound like a nut job but it's true. Granted, I gravitate towards blogs whose 'voices' sound like me and my friends, and that's only natural since I want to be friends with cool people but it's probably really ridiculous that I feel connected to these people when they don't even know me.

Either way, it's a true statement on my part. Let the record show that I care about these bloggers, and when they stop writing for long periods of time, or they appear to be going through some tough issues, I care. I sympathize. I miss them during their absences, even if they will never know it. I have a routine list of blogs I check each day or week, depending how how busy I am at work, and I truly enjoy getting to experience their lives through their eyes. I feel like there are so many cool people out there in this world, and this is just my small way of getting to "know" a few of them.

I wonder if Sheryl is ok (since she doesn't know if she will post ever again and her recent blog posts have all been deleted as far back as 2007 :-/ ) and I want Lauren to know that I've been in her position, and I admire her guts for moving across the country for a fresh start. So many of these women have qualities that I admire, and I guess this is my way of letting them know, even if they won't see this.

This post is pretty much pointless, except to emphasize the fact that I love my blogs and bloggers, and even if we're not "real" friends (or even acquaintances), I still care and look forward to your posts.

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