Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Disappeared. did some of my other bloggers. I miss your entries (and yes, I stalk all my blogs daily, salivating for updates!) It's ok. You're letting me down, but that just means you all have a life (and clearly, I don't).

I still have money issues. I still keep going crazy spending when I shouldn't. But, I like the rush of endorphins, what can I say? (and the new clothes and shoes piling up in my closet). I need to control myself.

I had a great time on vacation. I always get that really sad, post-vaca depression and it's still hanging on a bit. I think I am just sad in general. I want so many things that seem out of reach, and yet I'm not making moves. Whose fault is that? This girl's. I want to become a grown-up and yet I insist on acting like a little girl, scared of the unknown. It's pathetic and lazy and I'm mad at myself.

But other than that, life is peachy. And peaches remind me of orange, which reminds me of fall and I am SO happy that fall is on it's way in! I love the clothes, the smell in the air, the pumpkin flavored items assaulting me in the stores and coffee shops (bad for my so-called diet, I know). I have become strangely obsessed with buying clothing that are burnt orange colored, and I am also buying items that are, shall we say, 'classier' than I am used to, like I am all of a sudden going to start dressing up for work (for those who don't know, jeans and whatever else we feel like wearing is standard at my job. Nice, but not so "adult"). I am just on a quest to embrace fall, I guess.

Another wedding next week. I have these last 3 and then I am done! (for now).

Oh, and I cut my hair to my collarbone, did I mention that? I am LOVING IT. I also had some caramel peekaboo highlights added, which has been just the right amount of spice for my otherwise boring hair. A new cut AND color is craziness for me!!

Alright, I am boring myself so I know I am boring ya'll. Talk later.

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