Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Oh, hello. It's just me, forgetful as always. Ok, so I haven't really 'forgotten' to blog, I just haven't had time. Or maybe that's just an excuse and I didn't really have anything to write. Could be either of the two ;)

Not much to really report on. It seems that spring has been busy thus far--and we're about to head into summer! 

I have a love and hate relationship with summer. I love sunshine and vacations, but hate humidity, sweating and hair poofing (my curly haired girls know what I am talking about! A hair straightener is the devil come summertime!). I also hate revealing my legs but know that it's inevitable come this time of year. I really wish I had worked on them more so that I wouldn't once again be in this position, but..it is what it is at this point. I am trying my best to count calories AND points (is such a thing possible or is that overkill?) but it's not always my friend. I either don't know the calories for something, or the database doesn't have it, and then I just get frustrated and stop logging. I'm a winner like that.

I've preemptively bought a lot of clothes that I *need* to lose a few pounds to fit into, which I am not regretting. You would think it would motivate me to work harder so that my money doesn't go to waste, but clearly you don't know me ;) haha. I promise that I will make a valiant effort to do so, if only because the colored skinnies and tops would be that much cuter if  I wasn't chubby in them. 

Guess I should put this plate of ham down. I love hate when co-workers give me free food.

Hope you're all well and happy out there. Miss you twin! <3

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  1. I have missed you!! I just wrote you on FB then saw you wrote a blog! I was so excited! :) I hate summer hair but LOVE summer tans! I wish my winter hair would go with my summer color! Haha!!